Reiki sessions are performed while the client is fully clothed aside from shoes and eyeglasses, and a light blanket will be provided for warmth if needed.  During a session the client will usually lie on a massage table, but Reiki can be performed on a client in a seated or partially reclining position such as in a chair, wheelchair, or hospital bed.  The Reiki practicioner will place their hands lightly on the client's body in a series of positions designed for the greatest positive effect.  Positions can be easily modified depending on the specific needs of each client.  If the client is in too much pain or discomfort to be touched directly, Reiki can be effectively administered from several inches above the client's body.  

During a Reiki session most people report a feeling of relaxation, calm, or sleepiness.  It is common for people to doze off during a Reiki session, and that's just fine!  The Reiki energy will still be working.  Some people report relaxing physical sensations such as warmth or a reduction in pain during the treatment.  After your session is complete, your practicioner will give you a drink of water and will follow up with you the next day via email.  Many people find that after their first Reiki session they have a deep and refreshing night's sleep.